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In the last year the number of blogs on Tumblr has increased by more than 50 percent to over 190 million.

After Yahoo’s takeover last year their official blog has disappeared from the Top 20. Instead their Y!RAL Blog, a collection of viral posts in India, is now the no. 1 Tumblr Blog. Last years number 1 – Comoeumesintoquando – is still going strong on position 2.
The strongest newcomer in the Top 20 is Pornhubcampaign – Pornhub’s attempt or find a new Creative Director online.

The trending top list is still dominated by adult blogs. Apart from that Pornhubcampaign and three other official blogs – Cnet, Whitehouse and Reeboks Spartanrace – are trending right now.

Most of the suspended accounts are once again adult blogs.

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Right now Tumblr has 126.5 million blogs.

The two newcomers in the Top 20 of the most popular blogs Publicshaming and Yahoo have now settled on rank 4 and 15. The attention has shifted these days from the new owner of tumblr Yahoo to the Staff blog of tumblr. This is most likely related to a post a few days ago concerning the censoring of NSFW/adult content which got a lot of attention. Photos from the protests in Turkey rank at 17 (occupygezipics). The most popular blog is still Comoeumesintoquando – a Gif and fun blog. Only one adult blog remained in the top 20: Youmustwhipit.

Probs99 lost its 1st place in the Top Trending blogs in favor of Staff and ranks now on a merely 18th rank. Apart from that the trending chart is characterized by adult blogs. Most notable by Makesyoucome and still by Indifferent-cats-in-amateur-porn.

The raids against adult blogs shows in the list of suspended accounts. Most of the names indicate NSFW/adult content.